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The menopause and joint pain

Suffering with more joint pain than normal? You're not alone. In my recent survey 64% of women who responded said joint pain was one of their worst symptoms.

I have myself suffered with lower back pain for years. I have had numerous tests, physio, osteopath and MRIs. Nothing found which is good news, but the GP basically shrugged their shoulders and wanted me to dose up on painkillers. It wasn't until I asked whether it could be hormone related that they agreed and said quite possibly. It hadn't been mentioned at all and was something I stumbled upon whilst researching.

That was quite a few years ago now and I manage mine by regular exercise, yoga and stretching, occasional heat pads or hot water bottles (or ice packs - much too cold for those at the moment!) , occasional massage when I feel like treating myself, Epsom Salt baths and BioFreeze.

There is an interesting article from The Menopause Charity which you can read below.

If you need help with exercise, stretching, yoga - please reach out. I'm also a qualified Fitness Instructor and Women's Coaching Specialist.

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